Проект - "Заедно създаваме бъдещето ни"



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The aim of the project and general business guideline of Bulgaria Sotheby’s International Realty is to be recognised as the leading real estate brand in the market, with a focal point on properties, exceptional services and a long-term sustainable and adapting business model. The project has been an ongoing process since the establishment of the brand on the Bulgarian market. “Together we create a sustainable Future” emphasises on a few core elements: Consulting and driving sustainability innovation in the building performance and overall real estate industry. We cater to specific customer needs and desires.

целева група

Our main project target market is our clients, investors, sellers, and our team. Real estate over the years has had an increasing role in advancing sustainability and creating achievable policies through the market. There has also been an increased desire for ESG investing (Environmental, social and governance). Sotheby’s International Realty are affirming their position by issuing even more opportunities for investors to place their capital in the best properties locally and globally.


As mentioned previously this is an ongoing project since 2021- the development of Sotheby’s International Realty and actual rebranding of Iris Estates, which integrates a corporate social business model as well as ethical practices.

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The core activities of the project are closely associated with researching, informing, consulting and creating long-term value with sustainability in the center of everything. Real estate can be a powerful driver for corporate sustainability and setting goals which turn into reality. “Together we create a sustainable Future” helps build a more resilient and inclusive future for Sofia that will manage the environmental impact of human developments, and sustained growth of this industry. With the research conducted Sotheby’s International Realty strengthens the project activities by mainly discovering, exploring and developing new areas for economic growth. Sotheby’s International Realty in global offices has even extended their business model to offering Eco-Friendly properties- LEED certification, solar panels, sustainable materials and smart technology are just a few amenities that lend to an eco-friendly home. Our network of real estate professionals is unmatched in connecting the most discerning buyers and sellers of green luxury homes with properties that were built with the consideration of the environment in mind.


The results are related to progressively growing social impact, and integrating business with quality improvement. Adapting and changing to local market needs, and assessing how corporate responsibility can further be intertwined in the daily process of the Sotheby’s International Realty brand. Furthermore, the results have reflected upon building consumer and public trust, creating more engagement, enhancing positive relationships, encouraging the workforce and team of the project to be more sustainable by having a broader understanding of how it influences the industry and to be able to thoroughly communicate it to clients. This has actually led to the encouragement of professional and even personal growth.