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Postbank publishes its annual corporate social responsibility report

October 01, 2010
Postbank publishes its annual corporate social responsibility report

Postbank published its annual report on the bank’s activities in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainable development and care for the environment. This is the bank’s second CSR report, after publishing its first report specially dedicated to the bank’s activities and initiatives in the field of CSR and their results in 2009. The report is available on the financial institution’s internet site and will be once again published in the global register for CSR reports – Corporate Register.


In this year’s report, the bank has announced for the first time the size of the social product it has generated over the past year. The figure illustrates the bank’s contribution to the country's economy and includes taxes paid to the state, wages, payments to suppliers, retained earnings, donations, etc. The total amount of the social product of Postbank in 2009 is BGN 249 million.


The report also presents the first results of Postbank’s internal campaign for the promotion of a responsible attitude towards the environment among employees - “Green Start.” In 2008 the bank began tracking key indicators relating to its environmental impact. In the year, since the launch of “Green Start”, the bank reports a decrease of 17.7% of the total use of electricity, nearly 30% reduction in water consumption and 2% reduction in paper consumption.


The report also contains information about the bank’s investments in personnel, its program in support of secondary education - “High Start with Postbank”, the “Crystal Purity of the Pancharevo Lake” project, the bank’s participation in various partners’ initiatives, etc.


“The spark of life in all our initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility has been our enthusiasm and resolution in contributing to the positive development in society. Strength in numbers alone does not suffice without vision and heart. This is why I am particularly proud that many of the activities and projects you will read about in this publication have taken place with the active participation of our employees, the Postbank team, who devoted their time and energy and put aside their own problems to join in,” stated Anthony Hassiotis, Postbank CEO.


Postbank was elected member of the first National Council of Association UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria, an association of 20 leading companies and organizations, members of the UN Global Compact. In 2009 the bank was also awarded for "Ethics and accountability towards stakeholders" for one of its CSR campaigns in a contest, organized by Pari Daily. Postbank was recognized as the biggest Investor in the Environment within the annual awards of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF). The bank won first place in the category Investor in the Environment for its long-term project “Crystal Purity of Pancharevo”.

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