BBLF is a distinct leadership group, including business leaders from different nationalities and industries, who are united by their commitment to the principles of corporate social responsibility. BBLF members share the idea of honesty and transparency in any business endeavour and make their profits fairly to the benefit of the community. The Forum is part of the global network of the International Business Leaders Forum.

Membership in BBLF provides for:

  • Opportunity to belong to the most prestigious CSR organization that provides support for the responsible and ethical business
  • Opportunity to network with business leaders of leading Bulgarian and international companies who have a shared vision of success
  • Opportunity to meet key figures of the local government and foreign diplomatic missions and lobby for better conditions for the business
  • Opportunity for joint activities, because more can be achieved in synergy than working independently
  • Opportunity to benefit from the most expert help in coining sustainability strategies and draw from the know-how of the largest corporations in the world
  • Opportunity to promote your business and policies on CSR and have your initiatives widely publicized.

Organizations’ members are represented by an appointed person and each member of the Forum is entitled to participate at the General Мeeting and to be elected as member of the Managing Board.