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The General Meeting elected Iravan Hira deputy chairman and supported six senior executives as members of the Management Board

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He was elected at the General meeting at Grand Hotel Sofia on 30 May 2019.


BBLF recognised 19 corporate programmes.


BBLF chairman Iravan Hira in an interview about the 2017 Responsible Business Awards

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0 attend this country's biggest corporate sport event.

Basketball coaches Konstantin Papazov and Stefan Mihaylov won bronze medals at 12th Business Leaders Olympics


Emilia Serafimova gets the bronze at Business Leaders Olympics

Focus News Agency

She launched the BBLF event at the Anglo-American School of Sofia's campus in Pancharevo.


HP's team won the Mtel Football Cup at the 12th Business Leaders Olympics held by BBLF.


BBLF held its 7th Annual Ball tonight.