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Bella Bulgaria opened а playground in Sofia

September 14, 2010
Bella Bulgaria opened а playground in Sofia

Bella Bulgaria opened а playground in Sofia on September 14th. This  is the third of six playgrounds to be built in 2010 as part of the holding's project "More secure places for happy games". The new playground is located in the garden next to the 22nd High School. Bella Bulgaria CEO, Elsa Markova and Mayor of Triaditsa District, Evtim Evtimov officially opened the playground by cutting together a symbolic ribbon.

The new playground is built in full compliance with the European and national safety standards. Sofia is one of the six locations selected by the parents in a national competiton taking place at the internet site: In the coming months three more "Bella" playgrounds  will be built in the other cities, winners of "Bella Bulgaria" 2010 competition.

"Thanks to the active parents from the capital who voted consistently on our site and with the support of Sofia Municipality and the Triaditsa District, today we inaugurate this wonderful and safe playground" said Elza Markova. She stressed that "Bella Bulgaria" is dedicated to the cause of creating a beautiful and safe environment for the children. "We believe that with the support of local authorities and that of the parents we will change things for the better for the sake of the children of Bulgaria," she added.

The newly-built children's playground is a joint effort of Bella Bulgaria and Sofia Municipality, which offered several possible locations for the playground, including the parents' choice in the garden next to the 22nd High School.

"I want to thank Bella Bulgaria for its social commitment. This is a company with a responsibility that transcends their production and shows a worthy example of care for our children" stated the Mayor of the Triaditsa District, Evtim Evtimov.

The need for more and safer places for children's games is among the most current public issues and Bella Bulgaria is committed to continuing to work to support the cause of improving public security of Bulgarian children.





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