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Telenor Bulgaria to deploy 5G on June 10, making network experience and coverage its priority

April 23, 2021
Telenor Bulgaria to deploy 5G on June 10, making network experience and coverage its priority

The telecom was awarded with a Best in Test quality network certificate for the fourth consecutive time

Telenor announced today it will launch 5G for all customers on June 10. The leading mobile operator also shared its network deployment plans and how it will implement the next generation technology into its network.

At a media event Telenor was awarded for a fourth consecutive time with a Best in Test network quality certificate by the global gold-standard benchmarking organization umlaut.

"Congratulations to Telenor for the best user experience and the best rated user download speed and latency in Bulgaria. The network improvements from March 2020 through April 2021 further supported Telenor in increasing its score by nearly 50 points in our unique scoring methodology. This is remarkable, especially in these challenging COVID times”, said Hakan Ekmen - CEO Telecommunication at umlaut, who virtually handed out the Best in Test certificate to Telenor CEO Jason King during the press event.

"The fourth Best in Test certificate for the quality of Telenor’s network by umlaut is yet another proof of the consistency in the development of our infrastructure. We have invested heavily in our mobile network, without compromising quality, performance, reliability and security for our customers along the way. As a consumer-centric company, we remain committed to rolling out 5G connectivity across our network as fast as possible”, said Telenor CEO Jason King.

Telenor’s official commercial nationwide launch of 5G will be on June 10. By summer the network will cover the major citiesand main seaside resorts. The telecom will continue widening coverage and adding new locations. Telenor’s goal is to become a market leader in terms of 5G coverage and network experience by the middle of 2022.

Telenor's plans for developing the 5G network are focused on the most important asset of the company – the customers and their needs for advancedtelecommunication services. Telenor's  ultimate goal is to launch its 5G network with a fully built ecosystem consisting of all must-have  elements to enableits customers with 5G experience and top-notch quality in a meaningful way.

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