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Project description

Project Aim

The project aims to ensure the sustainable development of the regions in which the DPM operates,both during operation and after the closure of its mines.Following its main purpose "Unlocking resources and generating value to thrive and grow together",in DPM we strive to support the development of settlements close to our two companies - the municipalities of Krumovgrad,Chelopech,Chavdar and Zlatitsa,where 90% of our people live - employees and their families.Improving the well-being of the people in these regions is essential for their development.With the establishment of the Fund for Support of Micro,Small and Medium Business we are working to create conditions for launching business initiatives and we strive to stimulate the creation of new jobs outside the field of mining.

Project Target Group

The project is aimed mainly to residents of the municipalities of Krumovgrad, Chelopech, Chavdar and Zlatitsa, who are developing a business, have started a business or have a business idea with a desire to develop it. The project is also aimed at municipal leaders, who are focused on the development of entrepreneurship and ensuring long-term employment in the settlements they manage, even after the end of the life of the mines there.

Project Duration

Providing opportunities for development and entrepreneurial initiative during the operation of Ada Tepe mine,Krumovgrad,and Chelopech mine and after the end of the life of both mines is a major priority for DPM.The commitment to establish a fund dates back to 2015 with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between DPM and the Municipality of Krumovgrad.The Fund was established in 2019.In 2021,a pilot project of the Fund operates in the municipalities of Chelopech,Chavdar and Zlatitsa.

Project Activities

DPM and the municipalities under the project with joint efforts and in partnership strive to ensure lasting benefits for residents and a more sustainable future by supporting and promoting micro, small and medium businesses. DPM provides grant funding for project development. The rest is provided by a bank credit from the partner bank. •Establishment of funds in Krumovgrad and Chelopech •Providing grant funding to support projects - 45-55% of the total value of each project •Provision of preferential interest rates on bank credit from the financial partner, guaranteed by the DPM - 35-50% •Conducting information meetings to explain the objectives of the Fund, the ways and conditions for applying for projects; promoting the application guidelines •Online consultations with experts from the financial and technical partner for stakeholders •Conducting trainings for business plan preparation, team management and business •Regular consultations with specialists in order to support the preparation of project proposals; •Announcement of admission periods for projects in the four municipalities •Annual event for announcing the beneficiaries of the funds and awarding plaques

Project Results

The fund in Krumovgrad has been operating since 2019. The fund in Chelopech, Chavdar and Zlatitsa operating since 2021. 2019: • Funded projects: 6 • Total value of the projects: BGN 743,984 • 17 new jobs created 2020: • Funded projects: 14 • Total value of the projects: BGN 2,852,947 • 35 new jobs created 2021 - Krumovgrad: • Funded projects: 13 • Total value of the projects: BGN 3,889,582 • 43 new jobs created 2021 - Chelopech, Chavdar and Zlatitsa • Funded projects: 9 • Total value of the projects: BGN 293,015 • 10 new jobs created