Project - Plastic Campaign Recycling matters



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

The campaign is part of Schwarz Gruppe's strategy - REset Plastic, which aims to avoid and reduce the use of plastics, redesign its own brand packaging, clean and remove plastic waste from the environment, and develop innovation. Following this strategy, Lidl Bulgaria has set ambitious goals, introduced various measures at the local level and conducted an integrated communication campaign. The purpose of "Recycling matters" is to inform but also engage society. The approach divides the communication into three main pillars: information, inspire by example, engagement. Each of them is presented through different channels - from ATL with focus on engagement to PR activities for information purposes, combined with partnerships with influencers.

Project Target Group

Lil’s clients and employees together with the general public are the key target groups. We promote the importance of the topic to all of them and encourage them to use less plastic and recycle more. We reach them through a year-round integrated communication campaign and on-site in the store through the sustainabe assortment we offer.

Project Duration

The campaign is part of the overall strategy of Schwarz Gruppe - REset Plastic, which Lidl Bulgaria has been following since 2018. As part of it, in 2021 Lidl Bulgaria introduces new measures at the local level and conducts an integrated communication campaign.

Project Activities

In 2021, in addition to the current measures to reduce plastics, the company added new ones: • Improved W5 universal wet wipes - no longer contain plastic, incl. microplastics, and are 100% biodegradable. • Introduced a new ecological receipt - without chemicals and completely recyclable, and the foil on the cash rolls has been completely removed. • Offered for the first time household products own brand, made of 100% recycled plastic. • Offered in its promotional range sports shoes own brand with a textile part of 100% recycled polyester - part of the plastic for it is made of plastic bottles collected from coastal areas. • All reusable shopping bags are now fully recyclable and 80% recyclable. As part of the integrated communication campaign: • Video to promote recycling: • Video for Reset Plastic and what Lidl is doing to reduce plastic: • 128 materials, 47 posts by 6 influencers, 23 posts in Lidl social media channels, 8 pressreleases – with information about the company's goals and measures as well as recycling tips.

Project Results

Results reported in 2021 as a result of measures introduced in the period 2018-2021 • 56 tons saved plastic per year from the improved universal wet wipes W5 • Over 30 tons saved plastic per year from reduced plastic in plates for fresh meat own brand • 51 tons saved plastic per year due to the non-sale of disposable plastic products that has started in 2018 • Submitted for recycling over 98% of secondary and transport packaging Results of an integrated communication campaign • Nearly 1.4 million people reached (through videos, PR materials, influencers and social media posts)