Project - Partnership between BTL Industries and Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Plovdiv


BTL Industries


Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

The project aims to enable young people to gain valuable practical experience and start their professional career at an early stage in an international company with high standards. To this end, for the sixth year in a row, BTL Industries has hired 8-10 motivated students for a two-week internship to introduce them to the main production processes and to involve them in the work environment. BTL Industries is doing this, driven by the belief that innovative thinking and technical skills are subject to development and hard work. Investing in training of young high school students contributes to their greater confidence, motivation and preparation for work processes. Subsequently, the accumulated knowledge finds direct application in the work, which allows theory to build on practice.

Project Target Group

The target group are young and inexperienced staff who are interested in the field of production, engineering and electrical engineering. In order to reach the target audience, the company has a partnership with PGEE because of the technical orientation of the high school and the good staff it prepares. BTL has offered 60 students so far the chance for an internship, and many of them have started their careers there after graduation. The focus of the practice is on students 10 - 11 grade.

Project Duration

The recruitment and training of young talents is a local initiative of BTL Industries, driven by the company's desire to provide opportunities for young people without prior experience to begin their career in internationally developed business. The cooperation with PGEE Plovdiv started in 2016 and is developing successfully to this day. This year, the beginning of Dual Training with the high school is forthcoming, which envisages work and training for 11th and 12th grade students.

Project Activities

The partnership with PGEE is focused on young people with no previous experience. The idea of the project is to acquaint the technical staff of the high school with the practical processes and give them a chance to gain real experience in the departments of "Engineering and Service", "Quality and Control", "Technology in Production". Students are divided into teams in pairs during the internship and in the final phase must prepare and present their completed apparatus. This teaches them both technical knowledge, innovative thinking and teamwork. Under the guidance of specialists from the BTL Industries team, they work on a challenging practical task to upgrade their theoretical knowledge with real practice. After completing the internship of students in BTL Industries, the company monitors their feedback in order to improve the program if necessary. The feedback received so far has been entirely positive and thanked for the useful experience, technical guidance and valuable practical advice.

Project Results

The young high school students who have joined the program can now boast of experience in an international company, which will inevitably have a positive effect on their upcoming professional career and self-esteem. As part of the program, BTL Industries also issues diplomas and job descriptions to students with major project activities. By highlighting these achievements, they will find it easier to find work in prestigious companies. For many young people who want to continue their studies abroad, the experience gained is an important criterion when applying. BTL Industries is a company with leading positions in its industry, which makes it internationally recognizable and an important addition to any CV.