Project - HP Inc. Bulgaria " Planet Commitment"



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

"HP Inc. Bulgaria "Planet Commitment" aims to support the environment, offering solutions through various annual and regular donation/giving and volunteering campaigns, which: - helps provide a better framework for conservation, environmental projects, and growth, as well as managing human impact today - strive for better education opportunities for our employees in relation to protecting the environment and leading plastic-free lifestyle - support local NGOs focused on sustainability and preservation of the environment - help in resolving different environmental (ecology) threats and problems; in Bulgaria. -driving growth for a circular economy"

Project Target Group

Beneficiaries of the project are legally registered NGOs in Bulgaria. We reach the target groups via an online platform for donations and volunteering time registration.HP's Giving & Volunteering Tool ( In this platform, the NGO profile can be created by the NGO themselves or to be nominated by an HP employee. As of today, we have more than 200 vetted and registered NGOs for Bulgaria. The beneficiaries of the project are also our employees and our collaboration partners.

Project Duration

HP Inc. Bulgaria Planet Commitment is part of the bigger CSR strategy of HP and the third pillar 'Planet' (the other two are 'Community' and 'People'). In this pillar our CSR strategy is aspiring to create a world without waste, aiming for a circular, low-carbon economy. We are responsible for the society and the environment making efforts to protect and restore forests, as well as educate our employees. For the objective of this nomination, we will focus on the last year's project results.

Project Activities

"In collaboration with "Gorata. bg", we donated more than 15 000 trees to the foundation "Save The Human". - We adopted our first beehive through the Real Honey platform. The people behind this platform take care of the health of the bee population through special software. - Collaboration with external companies with sustainable objectives for a better and greener world, who delivered virtual trainings to our employees -Educating our colleagues on plastic-free initiatives and how to reduce waste in our everyday life, provided by our volunteering group, focused on sustainability and environmental protection. - Environmentally friendly zero waste Birthday presents to all of our employees - Regular participation in 'Plastic Caps for the Future'. - In celebration of World Environmental Day, HP Employees around the world participate in our Global Shoreline Clean up, Sofia Site participated making “socially distant” clean-ups in our neighborhoods, local parks or shoreline in Bulgaria."

Project Results

Thanks to our Planet Commitment program, in one year we: - we directly supported the activities of Bulgarian NGOs with about 10 000 BGN in non-financial donations, donating more than 15 000 trees to be planted, and adopting a beehive. - we invested ~200 hours of volunteer work of our employees (hands-on and skill-based), which equates to nearly 15,000 BGN (according to the norm adopted by HP Foundation for Bulgaria). - Our employees received environmentally friendly zero waste birthday presents, promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly practices - We organized more than 10 training and workshops educating our employees to lead environmentally friendly life without waste, collaborating with our partners - We supported the mission of 'Plastic Caps for life'.