Project - Development and implementation of ESG strategy for sustainable development of Bulmarket Group


Bulmarket Group


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Project description

Project Aim

Creating a "Strategy for the ESG and a sustainable future 2026", aimed at introducing a new way of thinking and operating not only the whole organization, but also the surrounding ecosystem. The development of the ESG strategy leads to the optimization of the processes along the lines of zero emissions, circular economy, social inclusion and transparent governance. The main goal of the project is to bring all companies under the umbrella of the Bulmarket Group with the directives of the European Union.

Project Target Group

With the implementation of the project, the Bulmarket Group aims to reach its employees, all interested business parties, current and potential customers and the general public. At this stage of development, the project is aimed at the employees of the Group, which number 1,200 people, and the other target groups are yet to be targeted.

Project Duration

The project begins its implementation in early 2021. Its integration aims to become a long-term methodology for a better governance structure. The strategy is subject to an annual review, which will update the information according to the achieved results and the setting of new goals, and is with a program period 2021-2026.

Project Activities

The strategy is implemented through a number of consistent and key actions. Initially, a study is prepared, which positions the Bulmarket Group in relation to its competitors and assesses the extent to which the organization is focused on sustainable development. Subsequently, a materiality analysis and an analysis of the gaps are prepared, the results of which direct the direction in which the strategy will develop. After a working session with the high-ranking officials of the Bulmarket Group, the key directions for the company are presented, which will be positioned in the foundations of the set goals. In addition, trainings are organized to inform employees about the development process and the importance of the project. The development of the "Strategy for the ESG and a sustainable future 2026" leads to the incorporation of a methodology for better governance and social responsibility. As a result of the project, the Bulmarket Group aims to set an example of how important it is for companies, especially those of this scale, to operate responsibly and sustainably, with a long-term vision for the future and society.

Project Results

The development of the "Strategy for ESG and Sustainable Future 2026" leads to the construction of 25 goals that the Bulmarket Group must achieve by 2026. 148 specific measures and activities were identified, grouped by the following categories: ESG management, environment, management, employees, and products and customers. To date, 45 of the total number of targets have been implemented. A special management organization has been set up - the ESG Board, which will manage and be responsible for the implementation of processes in all categories. The long-term goal is carbon neutrality and net zero emissions by 2035.