Project - "A helping hand for young Bulgarian artists"



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

The project was created for charity with the mission: - To popularize Bulgarian contemporary graphic art. - To stimulate young graphic artists in their work with classic graphic techniques. - To provide financial support for young artists in an extremely difficult period of a pandemic. - To provide an opportunity for creative expression and recognition for young artists - both individually and together with established artists. - To prove that companies such as BULMAR ML, working in the field of medicine, can be leaders in projects related to culture. - To motivate the employees of BULMAR ML that through their work in the name of improving health care in Bulgaria, they also support young artists

Project Target Group

The project is directed to young graphic artists. In addition to financial support, there is an opportunity to gain experience from famous artists, learn about new techniques, promote young artists in Bulgaria and abroad through participation in international competitions and workshops.

Project Duration

The project is implemented through competitions every two years. So far, 3 editions have been held - in 2017, 2019 and 2021, ending with an exhibition of all nominated artists at the Sredets Gallery at the Ministry of Culture in Sofia.

Project Activities

Experience shows that a big number of young graphic artists apply for this prestigious award (so far over 100). The open call for applications is announced in the media and social networks about 2 months before the final exhibition. After the application is completed, a jury is convened, which selects the most valuable applications, nominations and winners. Their works are presented at the final exhibition at the Sredets Gallery at the Ministry of Culture, where the nominees and all three winners are announced. The jury consists of prominent Bulgarian graphic artists, art critics and cultural figures. Such as: Zahari Kamenov, Onnik Karanfilyan, Ludmil Georgiev, Emanuela Kovach, Branko Nikolov, Vasil Kolev - Vassillo, art critics Adelina Fileva and Plamen Petrov. Special members of the jury were also the professor of graphics at the Brera Academy in Milan - Prof. Alberto Balletti and the director of the Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Museums and Fine Arts at the Ministry of Culture - Mrs. E. Dzhumalieva. As part of the competition program, a training platform was created to introduce young artists to new trends and methods in graphics with the support of experienced artist.

Project Results

Since 2017, the competition has managed to build its role as a stimulating initiative for the young generation of Bulgarian graphic artists - through the professional and financial support it provides. Also, the opportunity for self-presentation before a prestigious jury, as well as before various audiences through the final exhibitions, is a key motivating incentive for activity and perseverance in the creative process. In the opinion of established art critics (such as Prof. Aksinia Dzhurova), the quality and professionalism in the creative approach of the applicants are becoming more tangible. The project proves that the guiding principle and motivation for the company BULMAR ML is the opportunity to invest in art, which, especially during a pandemic, is a spiritual force for society.