Project - Ready to succeed together



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

Sustainable financial and non-financial support for the education and successful career start of excellent students in public schools who have lost one or both parents or grew up in a specialized institution, in partnership with BCause, providing opportunities for personal and professional development, besides financials, by upgrading their knowledge and skills to vocational and assuring their direct contact with business professionals.

Project Target Group

The project is aimed at beneficiaries outside the company: excellent pupils and students from all over the country, who have lost one or both parents and are in a very difficult financial situation. The scholarship fellows are applying to BCause, and the selection process is joint with the donors.

Project Duration

For 7 consecutive years, TELUS International Bulgaria supports, not only financially, one of the most sustainable donation programs in the country – ‘Ready to succeed’, as part of the priority area "Education" in CSR policy.

Project Activities

Since 2016, the company has been supporting the project in two main areas: donations and professional mentoring. The HR team and volunteers hold annual meetings with the fellows on topics such as career guidance and growth. Our CSR team initiated and the employees of Talen Acquisition created and conducted a special online career workshop for 20 fellows, presenting to them practical knowledge and training for successful strategies to enter the labor market and competitive skills when applying for a job. With the financial and organizational support of our company and the CSR team, and in partnership with BCause, the Annual Graduation Gala of ‘Ready to succeed’ brought together over 50 former and current fellows, donors, business representatives and friends of the program to celebrate the fellows’ success and share personal stories. The event attracted the attention of both business and the media, while the fellows had the opportunity to make useful contacts for their future development.

Project Results

In 2021, we provided an opportunity for 6 fellows to focus on acquiring new knowledge and career development without having to interrupt their studies to work due to financial struggles. So far, the company has donated 43 scholarships: 28 for university students and 15 for pupils, ensuring their education and financial independence. The events organized for them and the shared personal example are a moral support that they need to motivate and encourage them to continue on their path to success.