Project - For Our Nature



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

The mission of the project ‘For our nature’ is to conserve the bee population and wildlife in our country and preserve biodiversity. With targeted funding, we aimed to provide the necessary treatment, rehabilitation, reproduction and return to nature of rare and endangered wildlife and to help increase the number of bee colonies in order to maintain the balance in the environment. Without beekeepers, bees disappear and the best way to take care of them is to support their guardians.

Project Target Group

Direct target group: bees (over 700,000), wild animals (min. 3000 per year), rare and endangered species throughout the country, in aid of nature, and people; those on first line who take care of the environment - biologists, veterinarians, beekeepers from different regions in Bulgaria.

Project Duration

For 7 years, the environment has been one of the priority areas in our CSR policy. The initiatives of project ‘For our nature’ started in 2019, when we supported the conservation of wild bird habitats and urban beekeeping in the Bee Museum in Sofia.

Project Activities

‘For our nature’ includes activities throughout the year: donations, volunteering, events, and communication. Driven by their love of animals and care for the environment, more than 800 volunteers participated in the virtual marathon, covering 60000 km in 14 days, ensuring the company support for the purchase of a "wild" ambulance for injured animals. We volunteered on site, at our adopted in 2020 beehive, in Svilengrad. We increased the number of adopted hives by 3 and bought gifts with a cause for external partners - over 100 with 2 kg of bee products each, as support for small producers and awareness. We had volunteering at the Bee Museum, where we improved the environment, and then shared more about the benefits of urban beekeeping. We supported 4 Roma families with children from the village of Dzhurovo to become beekeepers, providing 6 hives and a mentoring program, including participation in a farmers' festival. Active communication on the part of our partners and us included.

Project Results

The wild ambulance enables the scaling of activities and the participation of more volunteers, ensuring the timely transfer of food, transportation of endangered species and the rescue of over 3,000 endangered animals each year. Our bee protection activities contribute to the pollination of over 100 plant species important for our nature, incl. much of the fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, and also the fodder we feed the farm animals. Our “saved” bees pollinate nearly a billion flowers.