Project - Partnership with Cultural Perspectives Foundation: Construction of a digital platform, Donation and pro bono work in support of the national scholarship, Creating opportunities for realization of young artists and development of talents in the own teams



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The Technology Center of Accenture in Bulgaria has joined forces with the Cultural Perspectives Foundation to build the Culturama digital platform for communication and application for the national scholarship "With efforts to the stars". The partnership aims to: - Improve the awareness of the opportunities for young talents motivated to develop in the field of art; - Create a perspective for visibility and realization of the distinguished artists and their wider representation in society. Along with the support of the cultural sector, through its socially responsible campaign the Technology Center invests in the development of junior professionals in its own teams, in order to expand their knowledge and skills, increase their motivation and develop their civic and personal positi

Project Target Group

The target audience of the platform and the Scholarship unites young artists in five fields of art – visual arts, music, literature, dance, theatre / performance. They are Bulgarian citizens, up to 30 years of age, motivated to develop in the chosen field as artists. The target group of the project are also junior specialists in the teams of the Technology Center, who possess the necessary competencies to work on the activities. The company invests in promoting their development and motivation.

Project Duration

This year's edition of the project covers several phases: application for scholarships, selection and evaluation of applications, winners announcement (4 months in total); implementation of the project funded by the scholarship within one year. The involvement of the Technology Center is concentrated mainly in 2 of them – the preparatory phase, through the development and testing of the platform and the execution of the project, including the subsequent support to the distinguished artists.

Project Activities

The participation of the Technology Center in the project starts with the development of a digital platform where application for the competition takes place. This year, nearly 400 projects have been submitted. The top 5 are selected by an expert jury in the art and culture field and receive a scholarship of up to BGN 5,000. It covers project/educational or other appropriate initiative implementation costs and 1-year mentoring support for the development of one’s creative path. From February, the actual implementation of the winning projects will begin. The partners help to raise awareness and create artists’ contact network. The Foundation conducts regular consultations with the management team of the Technology Center which concern the optimization of the resources of the platform. As part of the joint partnership, the first steps have been taken in planning the next edition of the project. These include approval of a scholarship for digital art with application in the company's projects; upgrading the platform, moving to a festival scene in an urban environment, with the opportunity to collaborate with international artists in educational initiatives/creative collaborations.

Project Results

1 artist from each of the 5 fields of art will receive financial support. They will all: - Go through a series of various educational activities in the mentoring program and establish their regular online appearances; - Have a personal contact network, which includes international performers. Accenture’s employees engaged in the project are better motivated and satisfied, as they have developed their competencies as well as helped other talents to succeed in their desired field. The planned development of the platform with the participation of the Technology Center in the next edition of the project will contribute to the development of educational activities in the implementation, give more transparency to society and help attract new long-term partners.