Project - Diversity in the workplace



Diversity at Work

Project description

Project Aim

Globally and locally in Nestle Bulgaria Diversity & Inclusion are everyday reality. We respect and encourage uniqueness and potential regardless of your race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, or disability. Diversity & Inclusion has been a longstanding priority for Nestlé and in Bulgaria we have a number of concrete activities to foster an inclusive culture, such as Gender balance, Parental Policy, Gender neutral, Equal pay and Flexi Working time

Project Target Group

Diversity& Inclusion Culture targets all employees, the society and the consumers of our innovations. We Diversity& Inclusion build culture leveraging the differences of our employees, we are inclusive to society and partners, all our innovations consider the needs of diverse consumer target groups.

Project Duration

Nestle Diversity & Inclusion culture is deeply routed in our company principles. The latest project integrated in Bulgaria are: Equal pay (assessment process in place; based on performance), Breastfeeding room for each facility with more than 50 employees. In 2021 we created flexi working time policy for South East Market, part of which is Bulgaria in the context of the new pandemic reality.

Project Activities

Main tools that support the culture of our employees are: Corporate Business Principles, Policies and Procedures, Trainings for new employees, Internal communication and External communication via and . The activities for latest procedure regarding Flexible working time included: evaluation of attitudes among employees, evaluation of competitive reality, preparation of procedure, alignment across the local teams in the 9 geographies in South East Market and communication to employees via all communication channels, including launch event and internal ambassadors’ program.

Project Results

 Gender Balance • 54% of women in management team • Gender share among all employees 64% woman/ 36% man  Parental Policy, implemented 100%  Gender neutral implemented 100%  Equal pay implemented 100%  Flexi Working time implemented 100%