Project - Support to the Hometown Development



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The objective of the Support to the Hometown Development project is to contribute to the long-term sustainable development of Panagyurishte by engaging itself in local potential enhancement and creating new opportunities for people and businesses in the region. Local infrastructure is improved, tourism potential is developed and supports education, culture, youth activities and sports are supported. Priorities include health care, stimulation of gifted children, education to children from vulnerable groups, support to local sports and creation of new opportunities for local entrepreneurship. The vision of business as a welfare driver is impossible without the involvement of employees, encouraging their voluntary participation in environmental initiatives, blood donation and charity events

Project Target Group

The target group of the project are the residents of the municipality of Panagyurishte. The priorities also meet the specific needs of local community social groups: - Gifted students and students from socially disadvantaged families; - Sport clubs united in the Association of the sports clubs in the municipality of Panagyurishte; - Museum of History in Panagyurishte; - Organizations of disadvantaged people; - Start-up local entrepreneurs; - Company employees and their families.

Project Duration

In 2021, the project turned 20 years old as smaller projects of totally 15,642,609 BGN have been supported and several significant donation initiatives and public-private partnerships have been implemented for over 150 million BGN for the recent ten years (2012-2021). Projects that meet the significant global sustainable development goals identified by the company, including quality education, good health, sustainable cities and communities, infrastructure and innovation, are supported.

Project Activities

Sustainable local initiatives and new projects were implemented to invest in local well-being under the Support to the Hometown Development project. - A 560-meter depreciated section of the central water-main which supplies the municipality with potable water was replaced. The value of construction materials and activities is 270,000 BGN. -Amelioration of a new square space in front of the sports hall in Panagyurishte. -Star Class Initiative: 121 children and young people with outstanding talents were supported. -Education for All Initiative: 85 high school students from socially disadvantaged families were supported jointly with two schools in the municipality. Scholarships were given to excellent students. -Development of popular sports by supporting 26 sports clubs in the municipality to participate in competitions. -Support in the pandemic: assistance to organizations of vulnerable people groups, prevention program and cooperation with UniHospital. -Support to four start-up local entrepreneurs under the BASE project. -Blood donation campaigns, company environmental initiative, eco-trails marking in the area, participation of employees in Games of Goodness charity comp

Project Results

Timely assistance to prevent a water crisis that would affect all residents of the municipality. Improving the urban environment enabling the development of local tourism potential which creates new opportunities for entrepreneurship and sustainable development of the region. Support to gifted children creates new opportunities for self-expression and personal development. The assisted high school students from socially disadvantaged families have a higher motivation to learn which prevent early school leaving. Development of children and popular mass sports and more competitions in Asarel Sports Hall.