Project - Innovation Academy



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

Innovation Academy is the largest public-private educational partnership in the country between organizations from the private, academic, public and NGO sectors. The project develops students' entrepreneurial skills and funds their first business ideas. In 2021, the project is implemented for the eighth consecutive year, in the form of a hackathon, in which Bulgarian students create their first business projects and prototypes. The main objective of the Innovation Academy is to become an outsourced center for shared knowledge between the universities in Bulgaria following the model of the innovation centers of the universities of the Ivy League.

Project Target Group

Our target group are all the Bulgarian students. On annual base those are roughly 600 students. We reach them mainly through their universities.

Project Duration

The project starts in the year 2014, in partnership with one university. in the year 2021 is with national coverage, partnering with 14 universities and training centers, and our 8th event - hackathon for the student business projects and prototypes. The Innovation Academy is supported from the Representative Office of the European Commission in Sofia, European Investment Bank and Sofia Municipality.

Project Activities

1. Announcing the project 2. Admission process for the team projects covering the project requirements - more than 600 students participating 3. One day lectures for the students 4. Selection of the best ideas and awards ceremony

Project Results

The winners were of the Innovation academy competition were: 1st place for team Vendy+ easy access for hygienic products through vending machines. Supports the sexual education in Bulgaria.. 2nd place for the team Wind of Change - the project is addressing the youth unemployment and is assisting through own platform. Aims to form a society of young people that can exchange their experience and expertise on how to find a job. 3rd place for the team Bumbam - gives a chance for every land plot or back yard owner to transfer it to a co-working place for young and ambitious people