Project - Bulgaria's Green Strategy in Fighting Antimicrobial Resistance



Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

Raising awareness regarding the antimicorbial resistance as an issue for the Bulgarian healthcare system and finding the best solutions for preventing the incoming crisis.

Project Target Group

The Bulgarian healthcare system faces increased expenses and decreased efficacy in patient-care, caused by the antimicrobial resistance issue, and ultimately, the Bulgarian patient suffers the consequences.

Project Duration

2 months duration of the campaign.

Project Activities

Focus on content marketing -Running an information campaign to general audience: info, articles, interviews, official documents, pharma pass about current status of the problem, etc. 2-week virtual event for HCPs with KOLs, engaged by MSD as moderator. Video message from moderator. Interactive communication, questions and answers in close secure professional environment for invited only Organizing a virtual round table with livestreaming with experts and institutions / politicians, policy makers, representatives of the European Commission,etc

Project Results

The project engages the instituitions' attention on the escalating issue with the antimicrobial resistance. A new national strategy is being developed, in order to decrease preventable mortality.