Project - Questers Giving Programme



Overall CSR policy of SME

Project description

Project Aim

In the past 10 years, the corporate social responsibility programme of Questers has been aiming to improve, develop and modernize the schooling system in Bulgaria. The company strongly believes that the key to a modern and successful society is quality education which prepares its young members for the dynamic future. 2021 wasn’t an exception. Through our Giving Programme, we managed to engage our employees and to expand its scope attracting new partners. Together we continued to work for a better and modern schooling system in Bulgaria and support alternative educational projects. Occasionally we supported other social and green campaigns.

Project Target Group

The target audiences of the programme could be defined as follows: - Students and adults from economically challenged regions; - Passionate students with deep interests in science and IT; - Institutionalized children who need help and support.

Project Duration

The Giving Programme has been active all year round for more than 13 years now. Throughout the years, we’ve been collaborating with organisations such as “Teach for Bulgaria”, „Telerik School Academy“, “Muzeiko”, “Vratsa Software”, “Rails Girls Bulgaria”, “CoderDojo Bulgaria” and many others.

Project Activities

-Financing 1 academy cohort in the town of Montana through “Telerik School Academy”. 20 children are engaged in the activities throughout the current school year gaining knowledge and practical programming and digital skills. -Supporting the charity quiz “QuizIT”, organized by “Teach for Bulgaria” (on Questers’ initiative) to support and popularize their work. 60 IT professionals took part in the quiz and got familiar with Teach for Bulgaria’s mission and efforts. -Covering 3 tuition fees for students in the “Vratsa Software” IT academy. -Donation to the club “SKOREC” in the Faculty of Biology at Sofia University, where the students were involved in lab experimentation and field expeditions. -Financial donation to “Hug me” foundation, which organizes art workshops for institutionalized children giving them a safe place to develop their creativity with the help of various artists. -In 2021, we also supported a few social, health and green initiatives: “Time Heroes”–a platform encouraging volunteering, “OleMale”- in support of families of children with special needs,“Redom”–a foundation working with injured and stray animals,–engaged with the afforestation of new trees

Project Results

-The children from the „Telerik School Academy” in Montana are gaining new skills and preparing for the digital future -Besides raising money for the education of young teachers, „QuizIT” aims to popularize Teach for Bulgaria’s mission and engage active professionals from the IT community with the cause for better education -The students from “Vratsa Software” will have the opportunity to start and develop their professional career in the IT sector. Examples from past years show a number of success stories of graduated students - The students from the “SKOREC” club apply scientific knowledge in practice through expeditions and lab experimentations -The children from “Hug me” graduate school and university and find a job successfully. We believe we’ve contributed to more happy stories.