Project - EVN Reloaded



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

EVN Reloaded is a project which aims at developing and promoting company culture in the direction of more cooperation, feeling of being part of a community, collectivism, and hence greater efficiency in work and greater satisfaction for people in the organization. We chose the name Reloaded because we needed to revive our values, to reload our new energy and to keep going stronger together. The proposed solution included a series of workshops with all 2300 employees of the company to find and consolidate together our corporate values - 6 principles of work that unite us and distinguish us in the world of business. We have initiated and kept alive a broad discussion to talk about what is important to us and how to achieve it.

Project Target Group

This is an in-house project to the benefit of the staff: all employees, operational management and management members. We have reached all of them thanks to active communication through the company email, as well as flyers and posters for the field staff. However, the most important part was the series of personal meetings – task forces with representatives from different organizational units. 22 workshop leaders and 81 project ambassadors were the key contributors.

Project Duration

The project is a natural part of our long-term and sustainable development and positioning policy as a responsible employer and a socially responsible business. EVN Bulgaria is also a co-founder Member of the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact. In doing so, we support and implement universally accepted values in labour standards and human rights. The project was launched in 2019 after employer's survey, passed on to the new challenges of Covid-19 and successfully complted in 2021.

Project Activities

In 2019, we started with developing the idea with the external consultant. 6 pilot workshops with more than 100 employees have set out 13 principles of behaviour that are most important for them. A vote by 800 colleagues from different spheres outlined 6 guiding principles confirmed by the management. From 02.2020 until 09.2021 all employees took part in 157 workshops with day-sessions and an evening informal part. We nominated 22 colleagues to lead the workshops to transfer the principles perception. On the project website, we published a Facebook of the leaders with their messages. 2020 pandemic temporarily froze the workshops, but not the project. We worked according to the principles, we fulfilled an intensive communication campaign, we exchanged examples and success stories from everyday life. We had thematic months, column 'Say Thank You'. We organized a game with challenges and a chip award for each principle, individual and team awards. We created the Ambassador role taken by colleagues - role models and instigators of principles. We marked the finale with 2 events: 1 to announce game results and 1 for the workshops leaders and EVN Country Manager personally thanked them

Project Results

We have 6 underlying principles of behaviour: responsibility, cooperation, professionalism, respect, correctness and commitment. We have implemented them in HR processes and training. 100% of the employees understand the project's idea and know the principles. In an engagement survey in 09.2021, 95% of the employees noted that the principles of behaviour were applied in the organization. As an effect: • More than 150 new employees for the last business year • Less than 1% employees have quit job for the same period • 30% increase in the number of volunteers under the EVN for Bulgaria program • More than 80% of the employees (1930 people) took part in the game. 3500 chips were donated in support of the Burns Clinic “Sv. Georgi” in Plovdiv. Chips amount exceeded BGN 7000.