Project - Charity e-scooter ride



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

The project aims to support and raise awareness about Teach For Bulgaria’s mission in facilitating access to quality education for every child in Bulgaria. The project supports activities such as the selection, placement and development of outstanding college graduates and young professionals in challenging schools across Bulgaria to teach for a minimum of two years as well as other activities by Teach For Bulgaria which support the vision that every child in the country deserves to have equal access to quality education.

Project Target Group

The main target audience are students with low motivation in Teach For Bulgaria partner schools, whom we reach through their teachers, participants in different Teach For Bulgaria programs. Beneficiaries are also all teachers enrolled in different Teach For Bulgaria programs, who teach at Bulgarian schools where the students need the most support and traditionally underperform at national external examinations.

Project Duration

Already three years in a row ( from 2019 to 2021) BRUM supports the work of Teach For Bulgaria Foundation through organising special charity campaigns. Each year for a given period of time BRUM donates 50% of the daily profits from all e-scooter rides in support of the activities of the Foundation. Furthermore, since 2019 BRUM has also been engaged in other events of the Foundation, which support its mission and also raise awareness about its activities.

Project Activities

BRUM and Teach For Bulgaria organised a co-branded communications campaign during the month before the charity e-scooter ride for three consecutive years (2019, 2020 and 2021). The communications campaigns consisted of information sharing, social media engagement and informing the media through press releases. In 2020 the Bulgarian National Radio made an announcement about the charity e-scooter ride campaign during one of their rubrics. The programs of Teach For Bulgaria which support the vision of the organisation and which are traditionally subject to corporate donations include: -“New Way to Teaching” Program-Participants in this program teach for a period of two years in schools where the students are most in need of support in order to develop key skills and knowledge. -“Model Schools” Program-Two year program for professional development of school teams. Its focus is on the development and application of sustainable and effective teaching methods as well as leadership capabilities which ensure the success of every child.

Project Results

The programs which are supported by corporate donations like the ones from the campaigns with BRUM already have the following national impact: -Program "New Way to Teaching"-This program has 395 alumni, the majority of which continue working in education. 157 participants started the school year in 19 regions of the country. The main subjects for the participants are primary school, STEM and English language. -Program "Model Schools": During the 2021-2022 school year 400 teachers and school principals participated from 50 schools in the country. 99 schools applied to participate in this program in 2021, from which 26 were chosen and began their training with Teach For Bulgaria.