Project - The Human Safety Net



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The goals for the project The Human Safety Net are actively offering specialized help to children and families in need, adoption candidates and foster families. What’s fundamental when working with children and families, is encouraging and supporting a stable environment and secure familial relationships. The main goals of the project: 1. Expanding programs for early childhood development in Bulgaria 2. Establishing a foundation for financing programs for early childhood development in Bulgaria 3. Providing high quality programs and services for early childhood development In the day centers of Foundation For Our Children in Sofia and Plovdiv experts in different areas work with children and families daily to consult and educate them on how to form a more stable family environment.

Project Target Group

• Socially disadvantaged families with a risk of social exclusion /single parents, multi-child families/; • Parents of newborns at risk of abandonment; • Foster parents and their children; • Candidate adoptive parents, adoptive parents and their children; • Children in kindergarten - primary prevention and adaptation; • Children who need developmental stimulation due to prematurity, developmental delay, disability, and their parents; • Professionals working with children aged 0 to 7 years

Project Duration

The Human Safety Net program is а part of the corporate social responsibility strategy of Generali Group and Generali Insurance AD. The movement is based on the idea of creating a “net of help”. This way, by reaching as many people as possible, we believe that we can create a sustainable change. In Bulgaria, we have made the project a reality since December 2019. In this period, together, we have managed to help 1552 parents and 902 children in need to reach their full potential.

Project Activities

• Together we have provided assistance for 278 children to develop their skills through music therapy, the “toy library” and art therapy in the centers of the THSN program in Bulgaria, as well as in some kindergartens in the cities of Sofia and Plovdiv; • 326 parents have undergone trainings on first aid for newborns; • We supported 69 parents with nutrition tips in early childhood; • We supported the development of 71 children with developmental delays and special educational needs through specialized activities; • We supported 342 children from vulnerable families, from foster families, children entrusted to public care through socializing activities; • We supported 47 parents of children with disabilities through individual consultations and group trainings; • We supported 55 parents and 38 newborns in neonatology wards through advice for family-oriented and developmental care for the baby.

Project Results

230 parents, foster parents and future parents went through training for positive parenting and family support 121 children and 50 parents went through trainings for violence prevention 325 future, current or prospective adoptive parents were trained on key issues of child welfare and the role of parents 160 parents and future parents underwent family planning trainings 232 parents and 27 children from vulnerable communities received information and assistance for access to services and financial support We supported parents in finding a way out of the crisis during the pandemic by providing financial and psychological support. Volunteers from Generali Insurance AD worked towards making the Early Childhood Development Complex of the Foundation a more comfortable and cozy place.