Project - Environmental initiatives of BAT Bulgaria to encourage responsible behavior and environmental protection - Driving #WithoutLitter and Honey for garbage


BAT Bulgaria


Investor in Environment

Project description

Project Aim

Encouraging responsible behavior and prevention of environmental pollution by small waste/litter, including cigarette butts. Educational campaign to raise awareness of the problem of pollution and its negative consequences, accompanied by an information campaign to raise awareness of the disposal of small waste/litter in designated areas for general household waste. The initiatives also aim to stimulate responsible public behavior and encourage volunteering. The initiatives are also in line with the requirements of the EU directive for awareness campaigns on reducing the environmental impact of single-use plastic products.

Project Target Group

The objective of the initiatives is to reach the general public and citizens, including active drivers and car passengers; representatives of the cultural, art and lifestyle circles, employees of BAT and partners, media, NGOs, state institutions, etc.

Project Duration

The responsible behavior is one of the four strategic pillars of BAT and this confirms our long-term commitment in this area. These initiatives are part of BAT's strategy for ESG (ESG - Environmental, Social, and Governance) and are implemented on annual basis with further development and upgrading of activities and their scope. Duration for 2021: Honey for garbage - September 2021; Driving #WithoutLitter - October-November 2021.

Project Activities

Honey for garbage - National coverage of leading TV, radio, online, radio and social media with hundreds of generated publications, reports with more than 4,000,000 people reached. The cleaning of the the Borisova Garden Park in the city of Sofia and other green areas in the country; tens of thousands of participants volunteered - citizens, BAT employees, representatives of sports and cultural life in the country, media; rewarding and providing prizes for the participants; Thousands of protective equipment and personal cleaning accessories were distributed. Driving #WithoutLitter - coverage in local and national media, incl. digital campaign on social media. Hundreds of media coverage of the campaign and reports on national TV, radio, online, social media and print reached more than 5,000,000 people. Digital campaign reached 594,505 people with 2,076,240 impressions and resulted in 151,455 reactions / reactivity. More than 5,000 unique visits have been generated on the initiative's own website. The initiative took place at key busy crossroads in Sofia and Varna, and in other cities. Thousands of materials and car accessories for litter were distributed.

Project Results

The monitoring shows that the implementation of environmental initiatives has increased awareness among the general public about: the consequences of non-proper disposal of cigarettes butts and other small waste/littes in the urban and environmental environment; directing attention to where this waste should be disposed of - the places for general household waste; the importance of responsible behavior of each person towards the environment in which we live. The quantity of the litter collected - more than half a ton of illegally disposed waste/litter, including cigarette butts. Last but not least, the initiatives encouraged the volunteer spirit among the participants. During each of the actions Driving#WithoutLitter, more than 2,000 drivers were directly reached on the spot.