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Project description

Project Aim

The aim of the project is to stimulate the efforts and the pursuit of knowledge of high-school students from 8th to 12th grade and university freshmen, deprived of parental care. It is carried out by Blagotvoritel Foundation. The scholarship is highly motivational for the young people to significantly improve their school grades. The project’s focus is to show students their success is important and it depends on themselves, and there is someone to support them and believe in their future. In recent years, through the scholarship competition, we are convinced that the excellent-graded students are "lone heroes" in their community - there is usually only one among 10-20 children living together. This only proves the need to support their potential and development in the last grades.

Project Target Group

The project is aimed at beneficiaries external to the company: 8th - 12th grade students and university freshmen students deprived of parental care, with avg. grade over 5.00 in the previous school term. Students not living in an institution but raised by a guardian are also eligible. We contact them through the Family Accommodation Centers, as well as by mailing to the schools in Bulgaria, to which teachers respond and recommend students who meet the scholarship requirements.

Project Duration

The program has been carried out since 2005 by Blagotvoritel Foundation, founded by Mr. Stoyko Petkov - major shareholder in the company, who contributes to the development and sustainability of the project. Over the years it has also become a shared value for the Baristo team, meeting the scholarship holders and their destinies, supporting them also with personal funds. The company offers internship within the organization for the scholarship holders, in order to acquire practical skills.

Project Activities

For 17 years the program has awarded a total of 467 scholarships: to students with very good and excellent results and scholarships to first-year students. For the school year 2020/2021 we have supported 17 young people, for the school year 2021/2022 they are 12. After receiving documents from the students, a selection is organized on a competitive basis. Criteria include: overall success, essay and a questionnaire to meet the candidates. Applications are considered by a jury of representatives of the Foundation, the company, and often an external consultant on a voluntary basis. This year, the scholarship winners are presented with individual publications on the Foundation's Facebook page, in order to inspire other students to strive for success: In December 2021, Stoyko Petkov was interviewed about the development and potential of the program:

Project Results

The program has influenced the lives of many young people, supported their potential and successful careers. Our team and donors of the program are the only ones who are interested in the success and progress of children deprived of parental care. Caring for students outside the institutions and raised by a guardian is extremely valuable. Guardians don't have the status of foster parents and do not receive any social welfare; they often live below the poverty line. Finding and supporting their potential is help where it is most needed. Inspiring examples: Yanko Dimitrov is a project manager at Visteon Electronics Bulgaria Natalia Spasova graduated from UNWE, is now part of the team of ERNST & YOUNG BULGARIA Diyan Vassilev graduated Dental Technology and has opened his own dental laborat