Project - Paysafe CSR program for local community support



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

Paysafe has focused its efforts in 2021 on supporting vulnerable communities - children and young people; women subjected to domestic violence; elderly people in need and others. The implemented initiatives were selected by the CR committee of the company in Bulgaria and supported by the employees in both offices - in Sofia and Varna. All initiatives were in line with the company's long-term partnerships with the Bcause Foundation, Plusheno Meche Foundation, ABLE Mentor Foundation, Project Northwest, PULSE Foundation, and many others. When we started planning our CSR agenda for 2021, our goal was to launch campaign series that effectively engaged our employees, touching on all aspects of their diverse lives. We aimed to provide genuine value for all of our Paysafe people around the world.

Project Target Group

Children, young people, women at risk, the elderly were among the main target groups of the program. The company's focus was on improving the living conditions of these groups. As part of Operation Plusheno Meche, Christmas presents for 55 children were purchased and sent to the foundation's centers across the country. 115 elderly people in poor and isolated areas in northwestern Bulgaria received food parcels as part of an internal initiative, led by some of the CR Committee members.

Project Duration

Each of the supported projects has a different duration and seasonality based on the needs of the supported groups. All of them were selected and executed within the calendar year (2021).

Project Activities

In 2021 we became a Gold sponsor of ABLE Mentor. During summer our CR Committee cleaned up the Struma river valley near Turnovlag village where over 100 sacks were filled with garbage from the water and the nearby shore. We have expanded our partnership with Plusheno Meche and became a Golden Circle Company Member to help their fight for the future of hundreds of underprivileged children in Bulgaria. During the summer we supported the development of a STEAM center in Haskovo for children with disabilities and funded a summer camp for children victims of domestic violence. Our colleagues supported the town of Gecovo by helping in cleaning 4 playgrounds for kids. We were able to support 10 talented students and 6 kids as part of the new wave of Ready for success scholarships, a BCause initiative. Our colleagues were volunteers and supported the popular charitable initiative Caps for the future by donating 15kg caps, collected in our Sofia office. For Christmas, in partnership with Plusheno Meche we provided 55 gifts to disadvantaged children across Bulgaria. We purchased 115 food parcels delivered to elderly individuals living in poverty across northwest Bulgaria.

Project Results

Paysafe has always been famous for its great company culture. With all the challenges that we faced, especially given the Covid-19 situation it is important to remember that it is the people who preserve our culture and values. Our strategy was to leverage the power of our passionate employee base, underpinning it with our business entity through allocating budget, allowing ample time, hiring supporting CSR roles, and enshrining a series of four corporate responsibility pillars in our business principles: Environment, Wellbeing, Community, and Diversity & Inclusion. Since our audience is our global employee base, it was vital that we liaise with a community team that knew them, their varied needs, and could interpret each headline theme in line with local culture.