Project - Machine voting



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

Activities under contracts with the CEC related to the technical provision of machine voting process with specialized devices for electronic machine voting, including ballot setup, configuration, installation, and setup of devices, as well as the activities related to logistics and maintenance during the 2021 elections. The bought vote, the invalid votes are a real social problem, which in practice is solved by machine voting.

Project Target Group

Bulgarian voters Machine voting guarantees the fairness of the elections and the protection of the right to vote of every voter.

Project Duration

Throughout 2021

Project Activities

Participation relates to overall planning, preparation, and implementation of project activities – software and hardware provision, certification of software and hardware, training of DEC / SEC members, transport, logistics, technical support at the polling stations, HelpDesk support, accounting services, and legal support of the project. Organized more than 50 online trainings, printed information materials in circulation over 100,000 copies, shot 10 training videos We participated in more than 10 presentations of machine voting in public places, where citizens had the opportunity to make a test vote

Project Results

This year's numerous election campaigns have made it clear that machine voting is the best path to fair and well-organized elections. The “Machine voting” project, as it was implemented this year, is an innovative technological result following years of work and development from the IT community worldwide. Bulgaria has made history as the country which successfully conducted machine voting in each polling station with more than 300 voters. This success will be an example of the implementation of machine voting in other parts of the world, where small attempts are still being made to introduce electronic voting. Exactly in this extremely busy year, the company's management once again appreciated the incredible human capital at its disposal!