Project - Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech and the St. Ivan Rilski University of Mining and Geology - together for a modern mining industry in Bulgaria



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

The project aims to support the recruitment and career development of qualified specialists in the mining industry through business cooperation. By offering competitive professional development opportunities and innovations, the business boosts the image of all professionals working in the industry. Together with the scientific community, the business can offer advanced technical and occupational conditions for training and on-the-job experience, in line with new industrial trends and technologies. By investing in science, the business promotes technological advancements and industrial modernization.

Project Target Group

Students and teachers from the St. Ivan Rilski University of Mining and Geology DPM Chelopech specialists; Mining experts in general.

Project Duration

Education is among the top priorities in the Company’s social policy. The Company has been partnering and sharing experience with the University’s R&D community since 2004 by organizing internships, running joint projects, helping out with the purchase of new equipment, etc. In 2020 the Company and the University extended their Partnership Agreement with another 5 years.

Project Activities

Training and qualification: • Engage DPM Chelopech experts in the academic process; run a Mentor Program; • Organize internships, internship programs and practical training for University students at DPM Chelopech • Upgrade the qualification of DPM Chelopech specialists; • Engage University lecturers and R&D teams in scientific research; consultations and trainings. Equipment and facilities: • Renovation and furnishing of university study halls • Provide specialized software, licenses and PC configurations; • Offer practical research work to PhD students; • Upgrade teacher skills and qualification. 2020 Partnership Agreement • Support for R&D, applied research and expertise; design sustainable products. • Cooperate to enhance the image of mining industry occupations

Project Results

Over 100 people took part in the project, both university students and lecturers. 6 teachers and over 20 students were trained in using specialized mining software. After their on-the-job internships and exchange of know-how with Company specialists, 5 PhD students from the University had a successful thesis defense, incl. 1 employee of DPM Chelopech. 5 MA students took part in the Mentor Program, led by the Executive Director of DPM Chelopech. The program offered valuable experience and management insights. Updated learning plans.