Project - Together we can do anything!


Danone Serdika


Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

Corporate social responsibility is a key part of Danone's business model and an integral part of the company's goals. Over the years, the company has provided its products for free in support of various organizations, including the Bulgarian Food Bank and local organisations. Together we can do anything! is a campaign that illustrates the overall commitment of Danone to donations in 2020. It’s main aim is to help those in need by providing them with free Danone products. This mission was even more important in the past challenging year, marked by the global COVID-19 pandemic. That is why Danone has once again joined forces with the Bulgarian Food Bank and a number of Municipalities, and managed to help dozens of people in need, successfully realizing the goal of the campaign.

Project Target Group

The project is aimed at people in Bulgaria whose lives have been severely troubled and affected by the pandemic, those in need of support and a number of socially disadvantaged groups in the country.

Project Duration

Danone Serdika has been a major donor to the Bulgarian Food Bank since its foundation, and for more than 8 years the company has been working together with the organization to provide food to people in need across the country. The donation of food products under the current campaign was realized in the period 01.01.-31.12.2020 in support of the cause of providing additional food support to people in need of BFB. The partnership is long-term and continues to this day.

Project Activities

Facing the challenging and extraordinary situation of a global pandemic of COVID-19, now the Bulgarian Food Bank more than ever made some great efforts to reach and support even more people in Bulgaria. In this context, the main activity of the project was to support the organisation, which is a long-term partner of Danone, in this direction as well as support for numerous Municipalities in the countries. Helping those who are troubled or in need is a common cause, so Danone joined forces with the organisation and helped a number of local communities and thousands of people. As part of the project Danone: - Realized a donation amounting to BGN 30,000, which helped the Bulgarian Food Bank to continue its activities and operations; - Realized a donation in the form of more than 220 000 food products worth more than BGN 350 000 only for the period March-June 2020, which helped thousands of people in need in the country through the networks of BFB, Plovdiv Municipality, Karnobat Municipality, Home Social Patronage - Burgas and Aytos Municipality; - Promoted the cause and its joint activities with the Bulgarian Food Bank through the communication channels of the company.

Project Results

The campaign achieved its main goal, which is the biggest proof of its success - it helped tens of thousands of people in need in Bulgaria in a period that was even more difficult and many faced unprecedented challenges. Also, through its financial donation to the Bulgarian Food Bank, Danone helped the organization to continue its active operations in support of the society, which are a long-term investment in its development.