Project - VIVACOM Regional grant




Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

VIVACOM Regional Grant aims to give impetus to initiatives that have a direct impact on the development of the local community by raising public attention to important topics and incorporating sustainable practices into people's daily lives. To enable organizations to establish lasting strategic partnerships with businesses, institutions and other civic organizations. Provide support and funding opportunities for small projects and small organizations from every part of the country.

Project Target Group

non-profit legal entities, public community centers, school boards and trusteeships for kindergartens registered as non-profit legal entities from all over the country.

Project Duration

2015-indefinitely. A new edition of the program is organized and implemented once a year since its creation.

Project Activities

Communication of VIVACOM Regional grant in national and regional print, radio and online media through articles, interviews and press releases. Organizing public events to open each successive issue of the Program and awarding the finalists with excellent projects, as well as organizing community meetings with all previous Regional Grant finalists. After the announcement of the program at the opening event, the application process begins, during which each organization applies with its chosen project. At the successive stage, each project is evaluated by the jury of the program and the winners are selected. Their checks are handed out on the day the program closes. The video here presents the Program and the different points of view of the parties involved: You can see some of the realized projects in the collection of videos here:

Project Results

So far,the program has supported 68 projects,involving nearly 19,500 people. Over 60 public spaces have been built. Over 1200 people of different ages have been trained on various topics. 9 nature sites and localities have been cleaned. Nearly 1000 children and adults have received support from volunteers while staying at 4 hospitals in the country. A theatrical production was created with the participation of children with disabilities. 5000 books were read in an initiative to encourage reading.