Project - "Diversity in the work environment"



Overall CSR policy of SME

Project description

Project Aim

The company follows its mission to be actively involved in solving socially significant problems, such as the case of refugees in Bulgaria. Good practice shows that providing employment opportunities for refugees and cooperation in the workplace by their colleagues are an opportunity to overcome prejudice and lack of human resources in some areas. Among the problems faced by refugees in Bulgaria are: - Lack of job opportunities - Caution on the part of employers - Lack of knowledge about local legislation, customs and traditions - Language barrier - Differences at social, cultural and economic level - The lack of positive news and practices in the media.

Project Target Group

Refugees in Bulgaria who have received the necessary status and opportunity for equal residence in the country.

Project Duration

The project started in 2018 and is successfully continuing its implementation at the moment.

Project Activities

Participation in round tables, working groups, interviews both individual and group meetings with refugees organized in the office of RIR, free consultations of job seekers refugees - face to face and by phone, career guidance of candidates, job search support and preparation of CV, appointments, etc.

Project Results

In addition to supporting the employment of a large number of refugees in various leading companies in Bulgaria, we as a company have also employed a significant number of refugees, and currently 7 of them are on permanent employment with us. We also gave a chance for career development, as two of our refugees already hold senior managers positions in the company. We sent others to English language courses. All our colleagues refugees have been able to fully integrate into our society, started families and became an integral part of our multicultural team.