Project - "THE CAPABLES"



Investor in Education

Project description

Project Aim

The Project is part of AstraZeneca's global philanthropic initiative called Young Health Programme. In Bulgaria, its aim is to raise awareness about the harm of smoking and to motivate young people to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle by strengthening the commitment of parents, teachers and students on the topic of forming the habit, which may eventually lead to the occurrence of chronic diseases affecting the quality of life. The campaign will continue for three years in an effort to achieve sustainability and significant results on changing WHO statistics, according to which Bulgarian students aged 11, 13 and 15 are leading in the world in early attempts at tobacco use.

Project Target Group

The target group are students aged 12-16 years, their teachers and parents. At special trainings teachers receive a project methodology to fully conduct the “Class Hour” on the topic with their students. We involve parents, through, etc. “Parent meetings” with psychologists.

Project Duration

The programme is part of AstraZeneca's global initiative Young Health Programme aimed at preventing and curbing chronic diseases among young people around the world. The platform was born 10 years ago and covers 26 countries, including Bulgaria. The programme in Bulgaria started with its announcement on 26 October 2020 and will last three years.

Project Activities

AstraZeneca Bulgaria aims to develop one of the largest programs aimed at smoking prevention in Bulgaria. A month after the launch, an internal event was held aimed at testing the program in front of 36 company employees and their children.The results of surveys conducted with them showing parental approval and interest from children. The strength of the project lies in the concept of sustainability and effective influence on attitudes. The programme presents 5 extremely talented children in the field of sports, art and science. Their fantastic skills, the result of choices, such as healthy lifestyles and workouts, are presented to students in the form of 5 attractive, personalized videos. At the end of each video, the young talent becomes a painted superhero and sends the message of the campaign — “Be from the “Capables”! Super-heroes don't smoke! ”. The main point is the involvement of students in the program, so the 5 characters challenge them to show through video their abilities, what they do best. At the end of the campaign 5 students will be selected and together with the talents will become heroes of a contemporary comic book.

Project Results

Within 3 years, the campaign presents 5 new characters (young talents), and every year selects 5 children dreaming of becoming comic characters and creates a final product — comic trilogy, telling their fantastic story. This provides an opportunity for infinite expansion and deployment of an entire comic book in which important messages will be— effectively changing the attitudes of young people for the sake of their health and future. The program is not meant to scare young people. It is a wide-open window into an accessible and possible tobacco-free world, and the possibility for every child to become a hero from a truly world-class comic book is a major incentive for his involvement.