Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

In 2020 we managed to organize 2 physical events, big national competition among the municipalities for local Live Actively projects which are funded by Nestle for Live Actively together with full year digital program for daily inspiration and practical advices.

Project Target Group

The 2020 we continued to focus on larger public – each individual and his/her family. • Urban people, age 18-25, 25-45 • Secondary target group - grandparents with their grandkids. We are focusing on both the people who enjoy actively lifestyle and the once who are not so physically active. With the help of partners, ambassadors and attractive communication in 2020 we reached more than 10 000 people.

Project Duration

Nestlé's global mission is to improve the quality of life. It is clearly reflected in Live Actively! Mission and considering the long-term goal the mix of activites throughout the years is essential. The initiative is held for the 15th year starting 2006 with one event in Sofia we managed to grow it via geographical expansion and digitalization.

Project Activities

The first Nestlé for Live Actively! happened in February 2020 in Borovets, during which sport enthusiiasts enjoyed winter sports with legendary sportsmen such as Sani Zhekova, Ekatarina Dafovska, Petar Popangelov, Yordan Yovchev, VC Maritza and popular faces such as Tita and the rapper Igrata. Despite COVID-19 and the restrictive measures, Nestlé for Live Actively! came back in September during the European Mobility Week with 5 walking routes in Sofia and simple bur effective challenge for all – to be active, adhering to all safety measures, and to be the good example. With ESRI Bulgaria we created digital map of the routes as the one of the Boston marathon. Ambassadors and institutional representatives took active part and gave their good example. We motivated 21 municipalities in Bulgaria in partnership with NSORB to join the mutual cause by organizing their own safe activities. The initiative continued to support sport activities, among which are tournaments of Yordan Yovchev and VC “Maritza”.

Project Results

Thousands enjoyed winter sports in February together with more than 10 legendary sportsmen, partners and institutional representatives. Over 5,5 million Bulgarians read learned about the benefits of active lifestyle via social and traditional media. In September an average of 10 000 fans of the initiative were active and walked 26 658 976 steps – this equals 6000 climbs of Musala and more than 60 swims through Iskar. The day coincided with the national holiday and the Europen car-free day and in a result of the walked steps more than 6 tones of CO2 were saved to the nature. The record media interest resulted in more then 23 million potential audience reached.