Project - We put people first - a strategy to position as an employer of choice



Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions

Project description

Project Aim

As an organization which puts its people, their wellbeing and positive employee experience in the first place, the aim of this project is to share some of our best and innovative practices regarding investment in people and good working conditions – everything that makes one environment perceived as traditionally conservative, an inspiring one. The described aim supports and is part of the Employer of choice bank strategy. As a responsible employer, one of our main goals during COVID-19 pandemic has been to preserve the health, job and the income of our employees, so that we limit the negative effects caused by the social-economic crisis.

Project Target Group

The project refers to all (around 2700) employees in the organization and aims to provide better working experience and welfare in Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria, modern working space, culture of cooperation, creativity and enterpreneurial spirit, care for employees' health and wellbeing. Out staff's opinion and feedback counts and is taken into consideration in our everyday efforts in this direction.

Project Duration

Our focus in this project will be the measures and the initiatives taken in the last 2 years (Y2019 and Y2020) .The accomplished results, of course, are based on consistency in our actions and focused efforts in this direction. We will share some figures from our Internal Customer Satisfaction and Engagement Surveys - for the respective years of conducting of these surveys.

Project Activities

We try to add value and increase the positive employee experience with the following activities: - from the beginning of Y2020 we introduced extended flexible working hours (start of the day between 07:00 - 10:00 and end of the day according to the required number of working hours) ; - we introduced new informal dress code; - we made a pilot in 6 divisions for introducing home office working. The pandemic accelerated the process of digitalization, giving the opportunity for a lot of our employees from Head Office to work from home; - we created a Business Continuity Committee which tracks the pandemic situation and informs our employees on the ways to keep themselves healthy and also on prevention of spreading the virus; - in the Covid-19 situation, we have provided to our employees emotional support and psychological assistance with professional coach; - we organized trainings on topics connected with stress management, parentship during Covid-19, etc. - from the beginning of 2020, we approved additional days paid leave - for length of service, parenthood, volunteer working; - we made different initiatives under the moto "Healthy way of living" .

Project Results

According to our engagement survey held in October 2020, the aspects that are rated highest from our employees are: confidence in senior management, learning possibilities, respect and recognition. The engagement index for Y2020 has an increase of 8% as to the index in Y2018. According to our internal customer satisfaction survey held in 2020, the internal customer satisfaction index also increases with 1% despite of the challenges related to pandemic situation. In 2020 г. according to Career Show Awards, we were awarded "Best employer in 2020" , which is an incredible accomplishment for all our efforts in this direction.