Philip Morris Bulgaria EOOD


Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

Supporting those directly involved in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 (medical staff, law enforcement authorities and social workers), as well as various social groups (small entrepreneurs, retailers and artists) by providing financial resources, purchasing of vital and high quality protective materials and equipment, immunotherapeutic drugs for prevention and treatment, building of oxygen installation and information activities conducted by the National Patients Organization

Project Target Group

•Medical professionals,police,border control officers and frontline social workers in the fight against COVID-19- protective equipment and protective clothing •COVID-19 patients and people with high-risk diseases-immunotherapeutic medicines purchased from University hospital Alexandrovska •Patients in need of oxygen-oxygen installation,to be built in "St. Mina hospital ”,Plovdiv •Employees in retail outlets-protective and sanitary materials •Local manufacturers-protective clothing purchased

Project Duration

From the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic in March 2020 until the end of the year.The two donations worth a total of BGN 1 million to our partner from the NGO sector -BCause Foundation were made in March and April,and the purchased protective equipment,suits and immunotherapeutic drugs were distributed until the fall of 2020.Following the epidemic situation throughout the year,a part of the donated amount was provided in December 2020 to the hospital Covid-19, St. Mina in the city of Plovdiv.

Project Activities

- immunotherapeutic drugs Purchased by University Hospital "Alexandrovska" for treatment and prevention of Covid-19 - 11,000 pcs. highly protective clothing from 2 Bulgarian manufacturers in order to support their activities. Protected clothing is provided to municipal hospitals, police and border guards, social workers, medical and non-medical staff working in high-risk areas - in Roma ghettos (Health Mediators Network), the elderly (Caritas Bulgaria) and the mentally ill (National psychiatric hospital) - 150,000 surgical masks (RFPs) for staff of municipal hospitals, emergency departments, general practitioners, social homes for children and the elderly, police, customs and other government institutions - 5000 specialized protective masks (FFP2) for medical staff in infectious wards of 4 of Covid-19 hospitals in Sofia -Partial funding of oxygen system in the hospital "St. Mina", PLovdiv -Information materials from the National Patient Organization -Support of the Project "OutsToYourself" to support Bulgarian culture and art -Protective shields in 250 stores, 229,350 pcs. masks, 860 254 pcs. gloves and 4,119 liters of disinfectant for 75 retail outlets

Project Results

The purchased equipment and medications was provided in the needed moment to secure smooth operations of medical and nonmedical staff in the corona virus situation. The contribution to the Covid-19 unit of St Mina hospital Plovdiv will help increase the beds with access to oxygen from 40 to 90. With an average of two-week stay, that means that for one month the hospital will be able to serve some 100 more patients. The additionally identified need for information activities carried out by the National Patients’ Organisation reached some 2630 people with chronic deceases in May and will continue to serve.Some elderly required support for food and protective equipment and such was provided, 2 people announced domestic violence situations and were supported to reach institutions.