Project - The Human Safety Net



Investor in Community

Project description

Project Aim

The Human Safety Net is an initiative created by Generali that aims to help children and families in need. The movement is based on the idea that people help people, thus creating a "chain" of good that leads to sustainable change. In Bulgaria, a partner of The Human Safety Net is the For Our Children Foundation. Through our joint partnership we aim to support 2600 parents and 1400 children in 2 years. We believe that early childhood help is crucial and that it can bring about positive change for a lifetime. We sincerely hope that all Bulgarian children have an equal chance for development and quality of life. By providing them with a stable and peaceful life together, we are investing in our future and that of the children of Bulgaria!

Project Target Group

The target group of the project is parents and children up to 7 years who are in a vulnerable situation, live in poverty, social isolation or are entrusted to the care of the state. We reach them through our partner - For Our Children Foundation and their Support Centers in Sofia and Plovdiv. In 2020, we supported 1,552 parents and 902 children by providing them with social and emotional support, therapies for children with developmental disabilities and training for their parents.

Project Duration

The Human Safety Net initiative is a long-term one, and the project with the For Our Children Foundation is for 2 years - 2020 and 2021.

Project Activities

In 2020, we supported 1,552 parents and 902 children in Sofia and Plovdiv, thanks to the THSN initiative and in partnership with the For Our Children Foundation. In the foundation's community support centers, as well as in kindergartens, 278 children had the opportunity to develop their abilities and talents through music therapy, a "toy library" and art therapy. Children with development problems were supported by an individual program, and their parents were consulted on how to stimulate them and how to work with them at home. We supported the social and emotional development of 342 children from vulnerable families, children in foster care and those entrusted to public care, and for them were organized entertainment events, holidays and outdoor activities. The foundation trained 325 future and current parents and prospective adoptive parents on basic topics of children's rights, children's welfare, the role of parents in the development of the children. 230 parents were also trained in the approach of positive parenting and the principles of family support for safe care. We implemented 2 volunteer actions - in the summer and winter of 2020.

Project Results

One of the results of the project is the digital dimension of supported children and families. No less important, however, is the overall philosophy of The Human Safety Net - that only people can help people. In 1 year we managed to present this philosophy not only to over 1500 parents, 140 specialists in early childhood development, hundreds of Generali employees, but also among the business audience - through media publications, through the largest charity event of the Foundation "For Our Children". "An evening of virtues. The Human Safety Net is a movement that puts man at its center and proves that when we lend a hand, we not only raise the one who has fallen, but the whole of society.