Project - The (Un)Known Rights Notebook of Gugushev & Partners Law Office



Award for Cause-related Marketing

Project description

Project Aim

On the one hand, the project aims to support and promote the work of young Bulgarian artists with a contemporary and socially engaged vision of art. We support talented people who apply modern techniques and use appropriate communication channels to reach the public with the positive messages of their works. The second, important goal of the project is educational - promotion of less known rights in a comprehensible way among a wide range of people. The third, supporting goal is social – to motivate the members of civil society to be aware of and assert their rights.

Project Target Group

Тhe project has multiple target groups. Direct recipients of the paper version of the book are clients, partners, and friends of the law office. Through the social media channels and the website of the firm, the digital version reaches its goals related to a broader spectrum of social groups. Among the target groups are also the employees of the firm, who take part in a socially significant project, directly related to the corporate mission.

Project Duration

The law office has a developed CSR policy in various fields and one of its important pillars is on hand the support of initiatives related to the sustainable development of civil society, and on the other hand, participation in initiatives supporting young talented people with valuable and constructive ideas. This is the second edition of "The Notebook", as the first pilot edition aimed to break the stereotypes about the legal profession through the powerful instruments of art.

Project Activities

The project activities are, on the one hand, the creation of an innovative marketing product in collaboration with the author of the illustrations - Ms. Julia Zlateva and on the other hand, the subsequent digital campaign. It has both a marketing and educational nature promoting this type of CSR cooperation practice with young artists and at the same time promoting rights that are less popular among the public. The paper version of the (Un) Known Rights Book was printed in 400 copies and distributed to targeted clients, partners, and friends of the law office. Simultaneously, the content of the project was presented to the wide public through social media and the company's website reaching more than 3000 people. We plan additional activities related to the project like virtual and live presentations of the content with an educational purpose in cooperation with other organizations. The digital version of the Notebook is accessible via this link:

Project Results

We received extremely positive feedback for the project. This is a homogeneous project, which crystallizes the main aspects of the CSR policy of our law office - development of civil society through initiatives raising awareness in the field of law, the active motivation of society to defend the rights and support of constructive initiatives of talented members of society. The positive results are in three directions - the author of the illustrations promotes her art; the wider public reached by the book received information in a comprehensive language about important rights; the employees of the company had the opportunity to be part of a project of public importance, related to the mission of the firm.