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Arteks Engineering AD


Arteks Engineering AD

Arteks Engieneering is established in 1993 as a small construction company by the young architect Plamen Mirianov. He created Arteks as an example, symbol and philosophy of the world’s greatest companies! Like a light high on the top of the hill, to be seen by the people, above all that is standard, ordinary and plain...
In the recent years Arteks has grown to a large construction-investment company with its own design bureau and a real estate agency. Nowadays, the company provides work for more than 1200 people – own team, construction workers and subcontractors. The company’s main object of activity is overall design, investment and building of public and residential buildings, as well as design and execution of interior spaces.
During the past seventeen years our company has completed:

- Fifty-seven multistory apartment buildings.

- Four office buildings

- Four large family houses - mansion type

- Complete investment projects for other construction companies and clients;

- Design and realization of interior and facade solutions for various hotels, administrative and residential buildings.

The company structure of Arteks Engieneering is based on four main departments:

- Design and Consulting Services department

- Construction department

- Finance and Investments department

- Sales department

In our overall activity we aim to achieve proficiency by creating every detail of our buildings with extreme attention and love for beauty.
A team of young engineers and architects with exclusive professional skills do their best to achieve better and better results.
Responsibility, Integrity, Respectability and kindness to people are some of the most important qualities our team values.

Our vision:
Strive for perfection in the construction of residential building!
Strive for perfection in everything we do – relationships with people, the quality of our work, the perfection of our results!
We like constructing beautiful buildings and we believe the passion we put in out work can contribute a lot to other people’s lives.
It can leave a trace…
It can influence…
It can resurrect something…
It can educate…

Our motto:
Do everything in the best possible way!
Do our best in our work!

Our mission:
We aim to establish a company which values and success may influence other people, our country and the way in which work should be done!

Our values:
We see meaning in the traces we leave behind us, in the influence we have, in the honesty and honor with which we work, in people’s gratitude!

We discovered and recreated our vocation. To measure life not by the years, but by the traces left behind. And we continue ... higher and still higner with dignity and determination! Towards something even better and more real!