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Teva Pharma

Teva Pharmaceuticals is one of the world's largest generic pharmaceutical companies, with the richest portfolio in the generics industry - over 1,840 drugs in the most important therapeutic areas. Teva in Bulgaria (until the end of 2020 working under the name Actavis) is the largest pharmaceutical company in Bulgaria in terms of production capacity, sales in packaging and number of employees. The company in Bulgaria employs over 2,000 employees.

The commercial part of the company - Teva Pharma (known as Actavis EAD), offers the richest product portfolio on the Bulgarian market, including a wide selection of high quality generic pharmaceutical products for human use in all important therapeutic areas.

In Bulgaria, Teva owns two pharmaceutical plants in the towns of Dupnitsa and Troyan (known as Balkanpharma Dupnitsa and Balkanpharma Troyan), which have over 60 years of tradition in the production of medicines.

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Corporate website of Teva in Bulgaria:

Address: Sofia 1407

9 Lyuba Velichkova St

Teva Pharma EAD

Tel: 02 4899585