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Nestle Bulgaria


Nestle Bulgaria

Nestlé Bulgaria has operated on the Bulgarian market since 1994 and nowadays is the biggest food and beverages company, a leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness. In over 17 years Nestlé Bulgaria has become one of the biggest strategic investors in the food industry in the country. The company's production in Bulgaria is concentrated in 2 factories: for chocolate confectionery and biscuits in Sofia and for ice-cream production in Varna.

In Bulgaria NESTLÉ offers an extensive range of confectionery products, under local and international brands - bars KIT KAT, LION, pralines NESTLÉ, After Eight, Taralejki, Prostor, wafers MURA, biscuits Jiten Dar, aerated chocolate LZ, tablets NESTLÉ,  Kuma Lisa. The Company operates with seven more businesses on the market – culinary under MAGGI brand, beverages&dairy with the strategic brand NESCAFE, also COFFEE-MATE, NIDO, ice-cream MAGNUM, BOSS, NIRVANA, etc, Breakfast cereals (NESTLÉ FITNESS, NESQUIK etc.), Pet foods (FRISKIES®, PURINA®), NESTLÉ Nutrition and NESTLÉ Professional.

In just over a decade Nestlé Bulgaria has established itself not only as a serious investor and producer on the Bulgarian market, but also as a socially responsible company that supports a number of significant causes related to the development of the Bulgarian society.,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Address: 128 Evropa blvd, Sofia 1360

Telephone numbers: + 359 9390 333

Fax number: + 359 2 925 10 40

Country Manager: Juan Carlos Peralejo

Communication Director: Maria Hristova-Svec