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Asarel-Investment JSC is 100 percent owned by the biggest and leading Bulgarian company for open pit mining and processing of copper ores – Asarel-Medet JSC.

Our mission is to acquire, develop and manage perspective business projects in a way that guarantees sustainable shareholder wealth. We are responsible and respectful in creating value for our partners and employees.

Asarel-Investment manages and controls Asarel-Medet’s subsidiaries and the business development of perspective investment projects in different areas.

Sustainable Mining Industry and Environment – being the highest priority area for Asarel, it comprises more than 80% of the Group’s financial and material resources. Investment in technology innovation, maximum utilisation of resources, reserve and resource growth through exploration and acquisitions are of significant importance for the strategic development of this area. Priority projects include local and international project focused on production efficiency enhancement and long-term mining production sustainability which is environmentally friendly and ensures occupational health and safety.

Other core strategic areas for corporate development are: Logistics, Ecological Energy, Tourism and Sport, Education, Culture, Health, Real Estate and Finance.