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Tsanko Lavrenov Foundation

The mission of the Tsanko Lavrenov Foundation is to build the positive image of Bulgarian culture at home and abroad. Through our activities we strive for the artists and valuable works of contemporary art and those that we define as "cultural heritage" to receive deserved recognition and a field of expression on the world stage, and our cultural values ​​to find their rightful place in the common European heritage.

The organisation supports projects in the field of contemporary art, education, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. The priority goal in the realization of our ideas is the search for sustainable models for development in these areas, and the use of innovative approaches is based on a good knowledge of successful examples.

The creation of a representative collection of works of art at the Tsanko Lavrenov Foundation is naturally and logically a product of the activities of the Laurent Gallery. The results of this collaboration can be best seen in the collection of works by Prof. Nikolai Maystorov. The works in it are a kind of representative sample of the unique creative path of the great artist and prove once again his high artistic achievements and contribution to contemporary Bulgarian art.