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Tavex is a leader in the precious metals market and a leading currency trader in Bulgaria and the whole of Northeastern Europe. Over the past 14 years, it has established itself as such in Bulgaria and occupies an increasingly large market share in Southeastern Europe. Tavex Bulgaria is part of the Tavex Group, founded in 1991 and currently operates in 12 countries in Europe.

Tavex' services include selling gold coins and bars for investment purposes. We cooperate only with the most proven refineries in the world. Tavex offers silver coins and bars for all types of investors. We have established a direct supply connection with the world's leading producers of precious metals. Together with efficient, well-planned logistics, this guarantees the most competitive prices on the market. Selling and buying mean a two-way market, so Tavex buys gold and silver. Another service the company offers is currency exchange, where customers again receive pleasant service and competitive prices. Every single transaction can be carried out both in the physical offices and in our online store.

Tavex strongly believes in its values of respect, trust, and impeccable service – values shared by every employee, every manager, every customer. This level of unity, connection with the company's mission and the strong motivation to provide the best quality product naturally leads Tavex to stand out as Best Employer in Bulgaria.