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ThingsLog offers monitoring-as-a-service model with a platform and underlying IoT infrastructure that allows businesses to monitor their consumption of water, gas or electricity online from any place and any device. And not only that – it allows you to monitor also temperature, air quality, ambient environment, radiation, tension and vibrations in critical infrastructure.

We work closely with the private companies and public sector to do energy consumption planning for contracting purposes, cost control, work environment monitoring and compliance to regulations. 

ThingsLog founders Nikolay Milovanov and Vasil Yordanov got the idea after the protest again high energy prices in Bulgaria in March 2013 so they developed a solution for monitoring and forecasting of energy consumption. Now behind the idea stay Martin Kokalov and Vesselin Bojilov (driving force behind Callflow), Morningside Hill Capital Management an Reconart

ThingsLog solutions is based on own patented architectural model that consists of low power mobile data loggers, platform and a mobile app. Among the main purposes of the company is to present the information from the monitored infrastructure and environment in a convenient and easy to understand way.

Currently ThingsLog is present on 30+ markets from US to Asia and from Europe to Latin America.