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Alto Communications and Publishing

Alto Communications and Publishingis a private cultural organisation established in 2010. Two trademarks are registered under the company – Enthusiast and Apostrof, whose main activity is book publishing. Inspired by the love of reading, in 2012 we created Greenwich Book Centre – the biggest bookstore in Bulgaria, a place with a cozy atmosphere, coffee and tea aroma, where every reader can feel home.

Our aim is to encourage the desire to read and to explore the vast world of books. This is why we apply knowledge and standards proven over time and imposed in the global publishing industry. With us, each stage of a book's production receives special attention – from the selection of titles and editorial work to design, marketing, advertising campaigns and sales strategies. We are proud of our team and we perceive our authors, translators, designers and all collaborators as an important part, without which our mission would be impossible.

We offer readers selected works by world-famous writers, contemporary fiction (including debut titles), crime novels, historical thrillers. We publish world bestsellers, children's books, popular culture and popular science publications. In our publishing plan we also include books by famous Bulgarian authors. The variety of titles in our catalogue is inspired by the desire of finding the right title. The work also taught us to appreciate the importance and permanence of books. We believe that culture and reading publications with quality content and look are the life force of a modern and progressive society.

Since its establishment, Alto Communications and Publishing is a member of the Bulgarian Book Association. For the last 9 years, Enthusiast and Greenwich Book Centre in partnership with ECOPACK Bulgaria have been organising the national campaign Old Paper for a New Book. Its main goal is to motivate children from early age to learn to care for nature and to love books and reading. Alto Communications and Publications Ltd. initiates and supports various projects to promote reading, education, culture and arts – National Children's Book Week, “Buy 1 Book. For Books to Thrive”, “Music in a Book”, National scholarship “Striving for the stars” and others.