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Association for International Social Development (AISD)


Association for International Social Development (AISD)

The Association for International Social Development (AISD) is a unique mix of devotion, passion, vision and professionalism for improving the daily lives of fellow members of society.

The non-governmental organisation was established in 2016 by a core team of seven members. As of 2021, our operations span across six branches in Bulgaria, and we are currently in the process of expanding internationally.


We have global partners in China, the U.S., Armenia, and in 10 EU countries.

Our organisation is an honoured partner of Sofia Municipality, the Centre for Vocational Education with the Ministry of Education and Science, the China Youth Centre for International Exchange, etc. 

Strategic projects:

-Digital Entrepreneur Academy - national;

-Erasmus + KA2 - International Innovation Partnership;

-Erasmus+ KA3 - Structured Dialogue in education (EU);

-Host and organiser of Bridge to the Future 3 of Central and Eastern Europe + China (17 + 1) in the framework of the One Belt, One Road global initiative.