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Edenred Bulgaria

Edenred Bulgaria is a leading operator of food vouchers and prepaid corporate solutions.

For more than 17 years we have been facilitating the daily life and improving the well-being of employees in Bulgaria by helping our corporate clients and public companies to motivate their employees and partners through easy-to-use products.

At the end of 2013, Edenred Bulgaria became a joint venture after the merger of the businesses of Edenred Bulgaria and Menew®, part of VM Finance Group, and continued to operate under the name Edenred Bulgaria AD. Thanks to our joint efforts, Edenred Bulgaria is a solidly positioned company, demonstrating growth and leadership in the market of prepaid corporate services for employers, employees and partners.

The products we offer are Food voucher under Ordinance №7 and Ordinance № 11, Gift voucher and card and Reward voucher and card.

We have over 165,000 end users of our services and 2,700 corporate clients. Our partner network of retail outlets is the largest in the whole country, and it includes over 10 thousand shops, restaurants, supermarkets, etc., which accept our vouchers and cards.

We are part of the group of the world leader in prepaid corporate solutions - Edenred with over 50 years of history and presence in 45 countries around the world. Our solutions follow the latest trends in mobile and card payments and make us an indispensable partner of employers, employees, our business partners and government agencies around the world.

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