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Benefit Systems is an expert in the provision of sports services to corporate clients. Since 2001  the company has been offering the MultiSport programme in the European market. MultiSport is a sports card that gives access to many sports venues and a variety of sports and recreational activities. MultiSport is available in six European countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece and has more than 1,000 000 users in Europe.

In 2015 we decided to enter Bulgaria and revolutionise the way companies are motivating their teams.

The MultiSport programme connects independent fitness and sports clubs with employers and their employees. MultiSport supports employers in their efforts to attract and retain their employees.

The idea behind MultiSport's business concept is to offer a work-life balance. We believe that happy employees are above all productive employees. The company is developing very dynamically and for four years over 2,000 companies have trusted us and more than 80,000 employees have used the MultiSport cards.

We are changing the environment we live in by making sports activities accessible and encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle.