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Syscom Engineering


Syscom Engineering

Syscom Engineering EAD is a fast developing Bulgarian company that provides a wide range of advanced telecommunication and infrastructure solutions aiming to help the business development of our partners. We have proven our professional approach in the field of systems integration from advanced development solutions, construction and commissioning to operation and maintenance of intelligent infrastructure systems.

Social responsibility is part of the corporate identity of Syscom Engineering. In our business so far, the company has implemented numerous sustainable socially responsible practices:


  • Programmes aimed at employee development;
  • Employee training and development systems;
  • Development and implementation of resource management systems;
  • Initiatives of the company and employees in support of disadvantaged groups;
  • Voluntary initiatives of employees supported by the company.


Syscom Engineering is committed to responsible and transparent management ensuring openness and accountability. A major part of the company's activities is focused on developing and implementing  value-added projects related to the improvement of the urban environment and better quality of life. Over the years, the social performance of the company has proven to be a successful strategy for sustainable business, and we aim to keep this trend in the future.