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Philip Morris Bulgaria EOOD (PMBG) is an affiliate of Philip Morris International (PMI), the world’s leading international tobacco company with more than 150 years of history. PMI has six of the world's top 15 best-selling international brands, including Marlboro – the world’s number 1, spanning more than 180 markets worldwide. The company operates 48 production facilities in 32 countries and its products are the choice of 150 million consumers around the globe. And that is not where the company vision ends.

PMI is dedicated to doing something exclusive that is the biggest shift in the company history - replacing cigarettes with the smoke-free products. That is why over 400 dedicated scientists, engineers, and diverse experts working at its two Research & Development sites in Switzerland and Singapore are developing products as less harmful alternatives to cigarettes.

PMI is building its future on smoke-free products - a future of replacing cigarettes with a portfolio of revolutionary products. And it’s the right thing to do for the consumers, the company, the shareholders, and society. PMI is strongly engaged in the development and commercialization of Reduced-Risk Products (“RRPs”) - products with the potential to reduce individual risk and population harm in comparison to smoking cigarettes in order to one day eliminate the harm caused by smoking cigarettes and this goal is currently put at the center of PMI`s sustainability efforts. The long-term vision of PMI for the future is to offer to adult smokers around the world a choice to pick less harmful, yet equally satisfying, alternatives to smoking.

The success PMI has in the cigarette business and the diverse workforce of over 80,000 employees who hail from every corner around the globe, provides the company the confidence and the resources to pursue its ambitious vision. PMI is also committed to being a great employer and a good corporate citizen. The company is proud of its corporate social responsibility programs which effectively contribute to implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The charitable programs implemented around the globe involve investing in community development causes at the places where the employees work and live and in the tobacco-growing regions. The programs are aimed at improving access to quality education, creating economic opportunities and encouraging entrepreneurship in those communities, as well as providing disaster relief and humanitarian aid in regions in need. PMI also strives to be environmentally responsible. As a result of the great progress achieved in this direction, it is currently ranked among the top fast-moving consumer goods companies in terms of its environmental footprint. The company has gained high recognition of stakeholders for the tangible progress in tackling complex socio-economic challenges in tobacco growing communities, starting from the way PMI sources the tobacco leaf used for its high-quality products to how the way it manufactures and distributes its products.

Philip Morris Bulgaria EOOD today employs approximately 80 talented people, who share the company values and vision, demonstrate commitment and are proud to contribute to the success of PMI. Not only Philip Morris Bulgaria has a strong presence for more than 10 years in Bulgaria with a portfolio of well-known international brands, but it also focuses its efforts in a long-term initiative for sustainable development among communities in remote and depopulated tobacco-growing regions of the country. Since 2015 the affiliate implements a program called “Summer for Joy, Autumn for Care” contributing to children and elderly people in several distant tobacco growing regions in Bulgaria. One aspect of the program is designed to create opportunities for schoolchildren of different age groups to improve their educational capabilities and motivation to learn, to support them to acquire skills and knowledge by organizing academic and entertainment activities in summer, thus also addressing the need to prevent child labor in the these communities. Another aspect of the program is to improve the health status of elderly people in those regions by providing high-quality on site specialized medical checks and advise, and ensuring they receive additional treatment and care when necessary. In line with PMI global long-term ambitious sustainability targets Philip Morris Bulgaria EOOD is committed to further develop and expand the program in the future striving to contribute in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Philip Morris Bulgaria and its employees take pride in having received the awards “Best Employer in Bulgaria 2016” by AON for the highest results achieved in measuring the level of employees’ engagement and satisfaction, and diversity as part of the organizational culture. Furthermore, as a result of an independent assessment conducted by the Top Employers Institute on a global level, Philip Morris Bulgaria has been certified a Top Employer 2017 in Bulgaria due to its excellence in professional development programs, workplace environment, and opportunities for career advancement.

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